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My name is Scott A Ludtke, owner of Liberty Web Marketing. I am a professional web designer, SEO strategist, and expert internet search consultant. I help businesses enhance their placement in local search, and I help clients with reputation management to remove negative search results I have been studying internet search methods and statistics since 2007 and currently implement sound (white hat) techniques to help clients achieve online success! Want to learn more about Scott A Ludtke? Visit his other profile to learn more about his expertise and how he can help your search results. Please feel free to read some of my musings below.

How to put your Waukesha Business on the Map – Part 1

Today I’m going to begin a 2-part series that offers some tips on how to put your Waukesha business on the map. Yes, I mean this in a literal sense – utilizing free resources, of course.

The purpose for this first article is to educate local business owners, and to shed light on current internet usage by U.S. adults. More importantly, I will provide the most recent data that shows the percentage of users that access your businesses website with their phone or tablet.  Of course, in order to do this your business must have a mobile compatible website that renders to all size devices.

Current data shows that there are 2.92 billion people that use the internet worldwide, with 194.7 million users in the United States. Did you ever wonder how many people search for your business or service on the internet?

2014 Website mobile visitor statisticsJust last month the folks over at published an analysis based on traffic statistics to thousands of mobile websites serving customers in many countries from each part of the world. As the illustration to the right shows, over 97% of traffic to mobile-type websites comes from smart phones and tablets.

Recently Pew Research released findings which show that 74% of adult smartphone owners use their phone to get directions or other information based on their current location, with 12% reporting that they use a geo-social service to “check in” to locations or share their location with friends.

In an article published over three years ago at the Google Mobile Ads Blog, studies showed staggering numbers of users visited website with their smartphone or tablet: 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information. 88% of these users take action within a day, indicating these are immediate information needs. 77% have contacted a business, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the local business.

At this point it’s important to ask local business owners three critical questions:

  1. Is your website mobile compatible?
  2. Is your Waukesha business on maps like Google, Yahoo and Bing?
  3. Have you “claimed” your local business profile(s), and do you actively manage them?


If you own a Waukesha business and you’re unable to affirmatively answer YES to any one of these questions, your business is missing out and is in jeopardy of losing a huge number of customers and sales!

Call or contact Liberty Web Marketing today and we will get your Waukesha business on the map where it belongs!


Google Now Promoting Flash Free, Responsive Websites

In a post today at the Webmaster Central Blog, Google’s Keita Oda and Pierre Far announced that Google search results will now warn mobile users if a website is incompatible with the users iOS or Android device.  In other words, if a website uses flash or deprecated technologies, or is otherwise old and outdated and incompatible with modern devices, search results will display a warning that the website in incompatible with your smart phone.  The jist of of their blog post stated:

Starting today, we will indicate to searchers when our algorithms detect pages that may not work on their devices. For example, Adobe Flash is not supported on iOS devices or on Android versions 4.1 and higher, and a page whose contents are mostly Flash may be noted like this:

Google's New Search Warning for device Incompatibility

The post did not indicate whether old or flash-based websites will loose any rankings. It may be reasonable to infer that if your website is identified by Google algorithms as incompatible with iOS and Android devices, there will be greater preference to modern, responsive websites.  They use web speed as a ranking factor, so I have no doubt that modern design and compatibility fall into at least one of their ranking factors.

Is your website old or flash-based?

If your personal or business website is outdated or flash-based, it might be the time for you to update it to a modern, responsive design.

At Liberty Web Marketing we are proud to offer responsive website development, and we’ve been providing this service for several years.  We believe in staying on top of modern technology with the most preferred methods of web development and search ranking ideals.  Fast, compatible design is our hallmark in the world of affordable website design.


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