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My name is Scott A Ludtke, owner of Liberty Web Marketing. I am a professional web designer, SEO strategist, and expert internet search consultant. I help businesses enhance their placement in local search, and I help clients with reputation management to remove negative search results I have been studying internet search methods and statistics since 2007 and currently implement sound (white hat) techniques to help clients achieve online success! Want to learn more about Scott A Ludtke? Visit his other profile to learn more about his expertise and how he can help your search results. Please feel free to read some of my musings below.

Google Now Promoting Flash Free, Responsive Websites

In a post today at the Webmaster Central Blog, Google’s Keita Oda and Pierre Far announced that Google search results will now warn mobile users if a website is incompatible with the users iOS or Android device.  In other words, if a website uses flash or deprecated technologies, or is otherwise old and outdated and incompatible with modern devices, search results will display a warning that the website in incompatible with your smart phone.  The jist of of their blog post stated:

Starting today, we will indicate to searchers when our algorithms detect pages that may not work on their devices. For example, Adobe Flash is not supported on iOS devices or on Android versions 4.1 and higher, and a page whose contents are mostly Flash may be noted like this:

Google's New Search Warning for device Incompatibility

The post did not indicate whether old or flash-based websites will loose any rankings. It may be reasonable to infer that if your website is identified by Google algorithms as incompatible with iOS and Android devices, there will be greater preference to modern, responsive websites.  They use web speed as a ranking factor, so I have no doubt that modern design and compatibility fall into at least one of their ranking factors.

Is your website old or flash-based?

If your personal or business website is outdated or flash-based, it might be the time for you to update it to a modern, responsive design.

At Liberty Web Marketing we are proud to offer responsive website development, and we’ve been providing this service for several years.  We believe in staying on top of modern technology with the most preferred methods of web development and search ranking ideals.  Fast, compatible design is our hallmark in the world of affordable website design.



How to Get Your Waukesha Business in Front of Customers

Waukesha Business Awareness and RecognitionFor many local Waukesha business owners, the challenge of recognition and harnessing new customers is the biggest road block between success and failure. After all, if your Waukesha business cannot be found on the internet and smartphone apps, the chance of success is limited at best. Customers need to be aware of your business, where you are located, and how to easily navigate there. Learn how Liberty Web Marketing can help your business become successful.


downtown Waukesha business case example

Over the course of the past few years, the downtown Waukesha business landscape has changed. Currently there are numerous vacant storefronts, leaving many people to wonder what is happening Some businesses relocated simply because they needed more space to accommodate their growth. Others went belly-up because they were not able to gain the needed customers to keep their doors open. This is not an uncommon dilemma in many cities. However, there is one primary reason why the majority of the failed businesses didn’t make it. Can you guess what it is?


Build it and they will come

Despite the qualms of parking or finding a good downtown location to put a storefront*, the fact remains that downtown Waukesha has masses of traffic and visitors throughout the year. This is especially true during the spring and summer months. There are dozens of successful businesses in downtown Waukesha that have been there for years and decades to show for this. Still, some businesses fail…

With recent efforts by downtown organizations such as the WDBA and even the past BID, downtown Waukesha has evolved into an attraction place that draws people in like a magnet. For example, events like Waukesha’s Friday Night Live and the Waukesha Farmers’ Market draw thousands of daily visitors. Then there are art crawls, bicycle races, giant Les Paul guitars, murals, parades, and numerous other special events that have the downtown buzzing with people. A large majority of these people come to Waukesha to shop, eat, and browse. When I considered all the opportunity this traffic offers to businesses, I was puzzled that some businesses still failed…  How can you possibly have this many people and not make a success out of any business?

Do you want to know the number one reason why businesses don’t succeed, even when they’re surrounded by hoards of people and other successful businesses?


The primary reason most businesses fail is lack of awareness and recognition by customers!

The statement seems simple enough, right? Well, it’s a little more complicated than you may think.

People don’t know your business name, what you offer, and where you’re located. Many times new customers may be from out of town and they are unfamiliar with streets and navigation. This is Waukesha in a nut shell. Let’s use this scenario:

Perhaps you sell the most delicious freshly baked, mouth-watering muffins. Obviously your product is good, but let me ask an important question. What happens when someone is standing fifty feet down the sidewalk from your business on a crowded Friday Night Live evening, and they search on their smart phone for baked treats? You have a competitor four blocks away, and this person is new to the Waukesha area. Is your business listed in their search results? If not, you just lost at least one customer to your competitor. I would argue that you lost at least 3-6 customers because your delicious muffins would have customers sharing your product information with family and friends.

Now that you have an understanding of “modern” search practices, let me run some numbers by you so you can understand the significance of why you need your business coming up on smart phones.

In an April publication at eMarketer, a study shows that adults will spend an average of 2.5 hours per day on their smartphone, and that:

“time spent with mobile devices continues to grow much faster than usage of all other media.”

In a different publication earlier this month, eMarketer reported that ad spending for mobile devices will see its largest growth ever in 2014:

“Mobile will lead this year’s rise in total media ad spending in the US, and advertisers will spend 83.0% more on tablets and smartphones than they did in 2013—an increase of $8.04 billion.”

Do you see the correlation? More mobile phone use = more ad money being spent to attract customers. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not pushing sales for you to buy advertising… What I am emphasizing is the fact that your business must be branded at the local level. This way, when potential customers near your business search for products and services you offer, your business is right there on their smart phone screen.


Want to know a simple and affordable way to get your Waukesha business recognized?

Call Liberty Web Marketing and ask us about our local SEO services that gets your business branded at the local level.
When you need your business to be easily found on PC’s, laptops, smart phones and tablets, call or contact Liberty Web Marketing in Waukesha and see how we can make the internet work for your business.


* As unfortunate as it may seem, it’s possible downtown Waukesha property owners may be culpable for the decline of storefront businesses? Perhaps they are not willing to invest in upgrading and/or up keeping older properties to the satisfaction of tenants. Any change in a trend of this nature would lie squarely on the shoulders of property owners who face the dilemma of investing tens of thousands of dollars to make locations more attractable to new businesses. Absent any change, downtown Waukesha may face a certain risk in maintaining a diverse and thriving opportunity for businesses.



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