A Business Website Nightmare

I recently had the honor of meeting with a prospective client who owns a long-standing plumbing business in the Waukesha area.  They contacted me because they recently had their website redeveloped and are facing problems with their search results rankings.  We set up a meeting time and I performed a multi-pronged analysis of their SEO and Local Search parameters to discuss with them.

After performing the analysis it turned out that not only was their website SEO in disarray, but their local search SEO has some pretty serious problems as well.  It turns out that the marketing company who did the redevelopment of their website had little or no expertise in setting parameters for titles, descriptions and keywords, where applicable.  Further, their listings in local search had multiple addresses, phone numbers, and duplicate listings at other geographical locations where the business does not exist.  Fortunately for this business hope is not lost, and through the help of a seasoned internet marketer their website can regain its ranking and authority.

I find this story rather sad because this company likely paid a lot of money for their new website and they deserved to have it done correctly!  I also find it appalling that there are web development businesses out there who perform poorly with either no conscience or the requisite knowledge and skill to at least retain, or even improve a businesses internet real estate value.

This case should be a warning to all businesses who are considering redevelopment of their website and/or SEO for their business.  Please, do some research.  Check the credibility of local web development companies to make certain they know what they are doing.  Have them show you live examples of their work and search rankings for current or past clients.


SEO Has Changed But Don’t Let Them Fool Ya

“Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”

I’m certain that most of us can relate to that adage of long ago, but for me it rings true even more in the context of Google and their litany of algorithm changes.  Panda, Penguin, blah, blah, blah!  Here in Waukesha, WI Google sure seems to be having a lot of negative impact on a lot of legitimate businesses.  I’m positive these businesses have never implemented any negative SEO or backlinks because they have no clue what SEO even means.


The Alleged Purpose

Granted, Google is trying to clean up search results under the guise of providing a better “user experience”, but from what I can see over the course of the past year a lot of damage is being reaped upon legitimate Waukesha business websites while the crappy one’s still linger in top search results with their SPAM content and Adsense ads everywhere.


Meanwhile here in Waukesha

One good example is the multiple ranking fluctuations that this site has had.  I can usually tell when an important algorithm has been launched because my site will drop off of the map for a few days.  It’s no big deal to me because I know that I have never implemented any negative SEO tactics for this site.  I mean hey!  I live in Waukesha and the business is in Waukesha County – not a real big or competitive niche to compete with here in Wisconsin.  I will admit that I used to be a frequent commentator and I used this URL as my profile, but that is who I am, right?  Maybe that’s what Google doesn’t like, but it is what it is and I still make my way around to a comment or two now and then and I still use my profile info here at Liberty Web Marketing.


What Really Matters

It seems that one thing has remained constant in the SEO arena, even here in Waukesha.  That element is content.  Original, un-spun content that has not been published anywhere else.  Of course the content should be relevant to whatever your business is about.

Another thing that is important is having quality citations from trusted directories that provide your business profile information.  These directory listings help Google and other search engines decipher and categorize your Waukesha area business.